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Zoe puppet: Symbiotic

Zoe final puppet turnaround. Responsible for all but costume.


Zoe mechanical and concept drawn by the director. Drawn to scale at 13 inches with a sculpture armature as a base. Worked with Director to match sculpt to concept as best as possible, adjusting scale as needed for puppet mobility.


Zoe was sculpted in NSP clay on top of a wire armature for stabilty. A mock costume was then draped over her sculpt to check final anatomy.


A wire armature was fabricated using 1/8" aluminum wire with polycarbonate rib cage and pelvis tapped to allow rigging. Ports were added to the sides of the pelvis and ribcage, as well as a sitting rig was added at an angle to the pelvis to allow for a natural sitting pose. The armature was then registered in her plaster mold and the mold was injected with pigmented GI 1110 silicone. 


Zoe's final silicone body

Mummy Puppet

Responsible for body sculpt and mold.

Elliot puppet: Elliot

Final Elliot puppet. Responsible for foam cast and body felting

Screen Shot 2023-03-21 at 11.07.27 PM.png

Wire armature fabricated out of 1/8" aluminum wire with polycarbonate ribcage and pelvis tapped for rigging. Brass tubes were added with propoxy knee caps to keep a hard knee and elbow in posing. Armature was then registered in plaster mold (not responsible for mold) and cast in polyurethane foam to allow felting. 


Big Sister mini puppet: Hideout #47

Miniature Big Sister puppet fabricated using upholstery foam barged onto twisted 1/16" wire and carved to match the anatomy of the full size silicone puppet. Costume cut from miniature patterns with painted details. Detachable hands sculpted from Apoxy and attached using tensioned brass tubes to allow replacement poses.

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