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Zoe Hair: Symbiotic

Final Zoe wig.

Wig cap fabricated from vacuformed PETG over the head core and then sculpted over using NSP to create forms for the hair to lay on top of and the illusion of volume. Cap was then molded and cast in urethane to take the hair. A zig zag part was dremelled away down the part line for hair to be attached from underneath cap.

Original prototype wig


Hair wefts created by lining tacky glue along a strip of synthetic hair and left to dry. The strips can then be cut into smaller sections for threading under the wig cap.


Strips of hair were threaded through the zig zag part and attached using Zap-A-Gap from under the cap. The hair was laid in sections, following the part line to give a natural feel, and then threaded back through holes drilled for the buns.


Buns were made from painted propoxy attached on twisted 24 guage wire with hair wrapped around the propoxy. The spiked part of the bun was a separate piece of twisted 24 guage wire with forked sections for the glued hair to attach to. The buns and spikes connected to the core through holes in the cap and were attached underneath the cap.

The wig was assembled by attaching the buns and spikes to the cap, and then the cap was screwed into tapped holes in the urethane head core with 4/40" bolts. The cap can be removed as needed for repairs, and the buns and spikes are posable for animation. The bangs were then trimmed and styled using heated pliers and the style was set with Got2Be glued styling gel.

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