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Zoe Head: Symbiotic

Final Zoe head with replacement faces and lids.


Initial testing in camera to see how anatomy was working in basic lighting.

Zoe head sculpt made out of NSP clay with delrin ball eyes. Mock hair sculpted originally to test out anatomy of cranium and begin ideation for final style. Hair was then scraped of and final head form was sculpted.


Face mask mechanism developed using two Zoe urethane cast heads and carving them to key together with a minimal seam line. Delrin eye balls were painted and then cast with a resin outer layer and drilled to allow posing using pins. After the prototype was finalized, the core and mask were molded separately and multiples were cast. Magnets and screws were later installed for connection.

Zoe Expressions: Symbiotic


Replacement expressions fabricated for Zoe.


Original expression sheet from Director.


Zoe's eyeballs were molded and cast in urethane from a Delrin ball. The urethane spheres were painted and drilled with a small bit so that a pin needle could slide through the iris and position the eye. The eyes were then pushed back into their molds with a clear resin around them and placed in a pressure pot until cured. This gave the eyes an even thin coat of resin to add a natural shine.

Masks cast out of urethane with expressions carved away and re-sculpted out of Apoxy to allow for varied expressions. Worked off of an expression sheet from the director and tested the expressions in various lighting to see if the poses worked in all angles. Replacement lids were sculpted out of propoxy and masks were then painted in matte acrylic to allow for smooth swaps in animation.


Elliot Head: Elliot

Final Elliot head with replacement eyes 

Elliot head sculpted out of NSP clay and then cast in polyurethane foam to allow for felting. Foam was cast around a propoxy head core with tensioned brass tube to connect to a smaller brass tube on the puppet's neck. Foam was then felted with wool roving and replacement eyes were sculpted out of propoxy and placed in the foam with pins.

Little and Big sister face mask prototype: Hideout #47

Face Mask mechanism prototype fabricated for Big Sister and Little Sister. Carved from two whole urethane heads to key together using magnets and screws. Prototype was then molded and cast to be passed along for finalization.

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