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Final Frame from Symbiotic with knife model rigged to puppet for animation. Responsible for scenic painting of cutting board


Knife based off of vintage 1950s vegetable knives and made out of carved aluminum with a painted propoxy handle. Room was left in propoxy handle for 24 gauge wire to thread through for rigging to the puppet's hand.


Fairy Door fabricated from laser cut mdf with apoxy sculted details.


Props made for SCAD Summer Seminar for the student's mini projects. Props made by request for each student.


Elliot: Large Tree and Hills


Final Tree and Hill in with lighting and set dressing.


Hill made from wooden slats carved to match the topography of the mock up. Wire mesh was then layered on top, with masonite wood strips lining the areas that the puppet would be rigged to. Fabric was then draped across and painted. 


Tree was made with a wooden skeleton nailed together at the angles of the mock up. Foam was then barged to the wood and carved using a hot wire. Dyed fabric was then draped across the model and strips of painted fabric were attached for detail.

Big_hill_frame (1).jpg

Large hill was made using slats of 3/4" birch wood cut with the topography to match the mock up. Wire mesh was attached between the slats and the bottom was stuffed with crumpled paper to hold their shape. A wooden section was screwed to the slats where the puppet would be rigged to. Fabric was then draped and glued and painted.

Hideout #47: Roof sets for miniature puppets

Final shots with fabricated roof and power lines built for miniature puppets


Entire roof was initially modeled to scale in Maya and was built in two separate sections based on the needs of the shots. Measurements were taken from Maya and translated into cardboard slats that were then laid with strips of mitered masonite wood to create a dome shape. Power lines were mocked up in cardboard and then laser cut out of masonite.

Strips of masonite wood cut and mitered on the festool so that the pieces can fit together with minimal overlap


Second half of roof was made using the same technique of laying strips of masonite wood onto the cardboard slats to create the proper slope. The sets were then put in camera to test different lensing options to get the right affect. Once the lensing was decided, the power lines could be mocked up in camera.

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